Indonesia - Grenada Will Improve Efforts to Overcome the Impacts of Climate Change

02 April 2018 457 Views

New York, USA: The Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi met with Permanent Representative Grenada on the sidelines of UNSC Open Debate on UN peacekeeping mission in New York, USA (27/3).

At the meeting, The Foreign Minister Retno emphasized that as two archipelagic countries, Indonesia and Grenada have a similar interest in overcoming the impacts of climate change and the disaster risk management.

Grenada appreciated Indonesia's initiative to organize the "Archipelagic and Islands State Conference" in order to advance the interests of the archipelagic countries in Bali, upcoming October.

Grenada, the Foreign Minister Retno said, also appreciated Indonesia's significant contribution to creating peace and security of the archipelagic countries in the face of today's global challenges. (source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs).​