Indonesia to Raise MIKTA’s Role in Global Forum

14 February 2018 5805 Views

Jakarta – The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the University of Indonesia has organized a seminar entitled “MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, Australia) Goes to Campus”. The initiative is part of Indonesia’s MIKTA Coordinatorship for 2018, to raise public awareness about the forum, according to the Ministry’s Director General for Multilateral Cooperation, Febrian A. Ruddyard during the event on Thursday (8/2).

This program will start a series of seminars in universities across Indonesia as part of an outreach and people-centered program. Earlier this year, Indonesia has also organized the 4th MIKTA Senior Officials Meeting in Yogyakarta on 24-25 January 2018. Indonesia also plans to host, among others, the 2nd MIKTA Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue, MIKTA Workshop on Women and Peacekeeping, MIKTA Workshop on Counter Terrorism and Deradicalization, and MIKTA Start-up Fest.

Indonesia’s theme for its term is “Fostering Creative Economy and Contributing to Global Peace”, which is in line with Indonesia’s commitment to achieve sustainable international peace and security as well as one of the country’s commitments for its candidature as a Non-Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council for 2019-2020. The theme also stresses on the importance of creative economy to boost economic development.

The seminar discussed a wide range of issues including success stories, cooperation achievements, key opportunities and main challenges, as well as the way forward for MIKTA. Speakers included Ambassadors and diplomatic officials from MIKTA member countries, Executive Director of the Habibie Center, and lecturers from the University of Indonesia.

Speakers underlined the enormous potentials of MIKTA to further advance transparency that will have positive effects on its members’ respective regions as well as forming a global policy broker and hub for parties with various interests. “This event is a catalyst to boost social and economic development in Indonesia,” Director General Febrian Ruddyard underlined. Furthermore, Ambassador Armando Reina of Mexico conveyed his country’s view that MIKTA is one of the champions of innovative international cooperation. Mexico was the first member of the forum to serve as a coordinator.
The event was attended by hundreds of university students from different parts of Indonesia, and has gathered views and suggestions on how to boost the role of MIKTA globally.

Source: Directorate of Development, Economy, and Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs RI