Our Priorities

A true partner at the global and regional levels in:

  • Creating global ecosystem of peace and stability, through:
    • Promoting peaceful settlement of disputes, including by strengthening the role of and partnership with regional arrangements.
    • Strengthening UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding, including the role of women.
  • Ensuring synergy between sustaining peace and development agenda, through:
    • Ensuring peace, security, and stability to implement the 2030 Agenda, including Africa.
    • Forging global partnership in addressing security implications of economic, health, and environmental challenges.
  • Combating terrorism, radicalism, and violent extremism, through:
    • Establishing global comprehensive approach in combating terrorism, radicalism, and violent extremism.
    • Addressing the root causes of terrorism, radicalism and violent extremism.

 Our Commitments

  • Upholding the principle and purposes of the UN Charter
  • Serving as a bridge-builder

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